Bienvenue dans l’espace dédié aux professionnels du tourisme ! Découvrez nos formules et tarifs privilégiés spécialement conçus pour votre activité et la satisfaction de vos clients.

Group tours : (From 10 people)

Self-guided tour:

1st benefit: €8 price/person instead of €11 incl. VAT
2nd benefit: for any single booking of over 100 tickets, an additional 10% discount

Guided tour :

1st benefit: €8/person instead of €11 incl. VAT + €80 guide fee incl. VAT
2nd benefit: For 4 guided tours, the guide fee for the 4th tour is free.
(25 people maximum per group – the 4 tours must take place with at least 12 months between the 1st and 3rd tour)
Enjoy extra benefits by combining your booking with a visit to Panorama XXL
If your are organising a school trip, follow this link

Information and booking : ou +33(0)2 35 52 95 29

Bulk bookings:

For 10 to 100 tickets: €8.58 incl. VAT
From 101 to 250 tickets: €8.25incl. VAT
From 251 to 500 tickets: €7.59 incl. VAT
Over 500 tickets: €7.15 incl. VAT

Benefits :

– From 15 to 40% discount on public price based on €11 incl. VAT
– Pre-sale tickets available
– Undated tickets valid for 1 year from purchase
– Queue-jump tickets


To sustain and personalise our collaboration, we offer tailor-made packages and benefits as part of partnership agreements.
Contact us : or +33(0)2 35 52 95 24

Business tourism

We have exceptional spaces for your meetings, cocktail parties, seminars, etc.

Access room rental

Documentation: If you would like to learn more about our facilities, we can provide images, flyers, posters etc. for free on request.
Contact us : or +33(0)2 35 52 95 24

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